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Meet The Team

Typical Flow

Discovery Call with Robyn

Discover which Clinical and Medical Care Team Members are right for You!

Working from Home

Robyn will help set up your patient portal, order preliminary labs, schedule your first appointments and answer any questions about your insurance options.

Phlebotomy Appointment

Data-Driven Medicine

Woman Donating Blood

Robyn will help you schedule your labs between your appointments. We have mobile phlebotomists or you may simply go to LabCorp's or Quest. Labs will process directly through insurance if requested. 

Clinical Care Team Appointment

Discover the Power of Functional Medicine powered by data optimization!


In this appointment you will have a thorough review of your medical history, review of your labs and have a nutrition and lifestyle intake. Baseline suggestions for diet, lifestyle and supplementation will be made in this appointment and additional labs will be ordered for your appointment with the medical team. The clinical team will provide a summary of your case and make recommendations for the medical team to review. 

Medical Care Team Appointment

Health Care


Medical Team

In this appointment, your doctor will review all of the materials provided by the clinical care team,  review your new labs and complete an additional 1 hour intake. During this appointment, the physician may prescribe very specific, researched medications based on your comprehensive analysis and progress made thus far. They will discuss in detail any conditions you have or that are suspected and a detailed plan of action will be outlined. 

Robyn will reach out to you to arrange follow-up sessions with both the medical and clinical care teams, based on the complexity of your case. In the first year, the typical patient is expected to meet with the medical doctor 2-4 times and the clinical care team 4-8 times. Most patients experience resolution of their primary concern within 6-12 months, transitioning to a genuine primary care/maintenance membership at GenMedx after the first year.

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