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Medical Team Services

Imagine your primary care physician’s office, integrated with your genomic and functional medicine specialists, seamlessly coalesced with your laboratory data and appointments. At GenMedx, you will find the expertise and service you have come to expect from NGI, expanded to accommodate your functional medicine needs.

Urgent Care Hours: Mondays 6-7pm EST (Dr. Laeeq Butt, MD) 

Primary Care

  • Virtual/Telemedicine visits

  • Physician Lab Review and Referrals

  • Insurance and Medicare eligible reimbursement (Labs, Genova Diagnostics, Diagnostic Solutions and Appointments)

  • On-demand concierge provider access



Prescription Management

Gene based prescriptions only! Never worry again that your medication may negatively interact with not only your other medications but also with your own unique biochemistry. 


Telemedicine Visits

GenMedx is able to offer next day visits for most patients versus waiting days, weeks or even months to be seen for medical care.

  • Dr. Laeeq, MD has urgent care hours on Monday's from 6-7 pm EST

  • Please schedule your appointment in the portal calendar. 

We know that you are busy too! Our medical staff is able to virtually review your labs and previous medical history and make recommendations to help accommodate your busy lifestyle and schedule. GenMedx is a fully functional concierge medical practice with access to all of the NGI databases and OmicsDx panels. Our providers benefit from the decades of expertise NGI integrates into your medical care. 


Chart Reviews

Our Services

Fruits and Nuts


Executive Membership

Our Executive-level membership offers an extensive 6-month process of examination, testing, and rejuvenation. This package entails a thorough exploration of your genetics, a comprehensive analysis of your metabolomics, microbiome, metabolism, cardiovascular health, mental health, and genetic risks. We'll fine-tune various aspects, including sleep, fitness, recovery, weight management, longevity optimization, optimal diet, and, if required, medications and targeted supplementation. If you are deemed high risk, we may also consider imaging studies to compliment your analysis. $1500/month for 6 months *includes ALL testing including a Nutreval, GI Effects, Dutch Complete, and Genome Kit; 2 OmicsDx Genome Panels;    appointments and supplements


Student/Scholarship Membership

For our students or those who qualify for a GenMedx scholarship, we have two options.

1. Active students who do not have a parent at NGI or GenMedx are offered a reduced membership rate of $45/month with a 35% discount on all supplement orders. 

2. For scholarship patients, for $250/month, this will cover 2 MD appointments and 4 clinical appointments (including the initial) per year with a 35% supplement discount. *Scholarships are based on financial need.


Elite Membership

Our annual Elite Membership  offers the best of both worlds! For $150/month you have concierge access to both our medical and clinical teams, yearly prescription management with a 35% discount on your first supplement order and a recurring 5% supplement discount. Appointments can often be scheduled same or next day, Genmedx has a 24-hour response guarantee, and members have access to all healthcare tracking platforms associated with NGI, OmicsDx and GenMedx. 

*Membership is discounted to $1500/year if paid in full. 


Lyme/Dapsone Protocol Membership

Included in this membership is a 3-month program, incorporating the first 2-week phase of dapsone therapy, usually succeeded by two additional 1-week higher dose pulses of the dapsone protocol. The membership covers the initial clinical appointment, lab review session, the primary medical evaluation, weekly clinical evaluations throughout the protocol, and follow-up appointments with the clinical director and medical team. Please note that testing costs (covered by insurance), supplements, and medication expenses are not included in this membership.


image001 (2).png

MD Initial Consultation

2 hour telemedicine consultation to review non-emergent medical issues that includes a thorough review of systems and includes a mini physical evaluation to check of your blood pressure, oxygen saturation, temperature, heart rate and assessment for illness/URI *If technology is present. This appointment 

Includes annual prescription management, referrals if required and suggested follow ups.​ 
Designed for Non-NGI Referrals.


Non-Member Rate: $1600


MD Hourly Rate

15-60 minute Telemedicine consultation to review non-emergent medical issues that includes a brief review of systems and issues. Includes a mini physical evaluation to check of your blood pressure, oxygen saturation, temperature, heart rate and assessment for illness/URI *If technology is present. Acute issue will be assessed, identified and if necessary treated within the appointment. Prescriptions will be sent to your local pharmacy. 

Appointments are billed on the quarter hour and charts are reviewed and billed on the quarter hour.  


Non-Member Rate: $500


MD Chart Review

For our busy Professionals in California, Maryland and Virginia.

30 minute email consultation to review uncomplicated medical issues. This email consult includes a review of your entire history, salient labs and detailed analysis from a NGI staff member. The cost also includes time for question analysis between NGI staff and medical team (no additional billable hours) Any prescriptions will be sent to your local pharmacy but is limited to 2 prescriptions per consult.


Non-Member Rate: $450

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