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Welcome to GenMedx

At GenMedx, we are revolutionizing the field of medicine. Our mission is to change the paradigm of healthcare by leveraging the power of information to make a real impact on people's well-being. With a patient-focused approach, unparalleled physician support, and the highest standards, we are committed to providing the best health services. Explore our website to discover how we are turning health data into tangible well-being!

Medical Consultation

The Physician Experience

That's Right! To have the ultimate healthcare experience, your physician requires access to an advanced healthcare and wellness platform and to have flexible scheduling. At GenMedx, our physicians collaborate with a team of highly skilled clinicians, holding master's and doctorate-level research and clinical expertise. This team meticulously analyzes the extensive data gathered from NGI and OmicsDx. Prior to your initial appointment, multiple team members evaluate your case, enabling your physician to thoroughly review, pose essential questions, and even request additional labs. This proactive approach ensures a comprehensive understanding of your health before you step into your first appointment with your new medical doctor. This "teaming approach" is continued throughout your care at GenMedx to support not only your care, but also to fully support our physician care team. The clinical care team specifically provides functional medicine analyses, genomic data results and implications, nutrition and lifestyle support including longevity and disease modifications and all research and development modules supported by NGI and OmicsDx. This teaming approach is designed to prevent physician burn out, optimize skill sets and improve patient outcomes. 

The Patient Experience 

We do things a little differently around here - So, what can you expect as a patient at GenMedx? 

Our collaborative approach flows smoothly, and while it might appear unconventional, that's precisely what sets the stage for enhanced healthcare. All new patients will connect with a member of our clinical care team (Dr. Chrissie, Michelle, or Lisa, depending on the complexity of your case—this session lasts 1.5-2 hours). ***Our office manager Robyn will help you decide which clinical care team member is right for you in your discovery call*** This initial meeting involves a functional medicine and nutrition intake, gearing up for your upcoming session with the medical doctor. During this encounter, the clinical care team member dives into your medical history, conducts a nutrition and lifestyle assessment, and scrutinizes and summarizes any existing labs. They'll also arrange for baseline labs to be ready for your subsequent meeting with the medical team. Follow up appointments may be scheduled with the clinical team for genetic testing, advanced functional medicine testing or nutrition and lifestyle coaching if deemed necessary. All summaries and recommendations are discussed with your chosen physician before your physician appointment and your care team follows with you for the remainder of your membership.


So what happens in the appointment with the Medical Doctor?

Great Question! While our clinical care team is incredibly bright, they aren't medical doctors. Their role is to lighten the load for physicians by pre-analyzing and organizing data, akin to how AI operates. This allows the doctor to spot patterns and potential complications, such as medication interactions or underlying conditions, more effortlessly. The clinical care team employs a multi-algorithmic approach, connecting genetic data, metabolomics, basic lab markers, and clinical data to disease presentations. If identified, this information is presented to the physician, complete with supporting studies and suggested interventions. The physician, drawing on their advanced training and medical expertise, then evaluates you, poses additional questions the clinical team might not know to ask, and determines the best medical course of action. Sometimes, what looks good on paper may not translate effectively in clinical practice. The medical doctor, as the expert, supported by the clinical care team, ensures that the GenMedx team stays at the forefront of healthcare.

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Doctor and Patient

Health Care vs Sick Care

At GenMedx our approach is collaborative and proactive. This is HealthCare Re-Defined. This means that we might test for things that are not "routine" and that we like to "check the boxes" when it comes to preventative care. Having a health scare is not something that anyone can prepare for, therefore at GenMedx, we like to put the odds in our favor so that they are less likely and in many cases, never happen. 

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