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NGI's Functional Medicine Team

Imagine your primary care physician’s office, integrated with your genomic and functional medicine specialists, seamlessly coalesced with your laboratory data and appointments. At GenMedx, you will find the expertise and service you have come to expect from NGI, expanded to accommodate your functional medicine needs.

  • What is the difference between the "Clinical Care Team" and the "Medical Care Team"
    The Clinical Care team is comprised of a highly specialized group of advanced nutritionists, nurses, PhD's or other providers who have both research and clinical experience. At GenMedx, the goal is to bridge the gap between "the future of medicine" and its clinical applications. To do so, that requires a multi-disciplinary team of individuals with training across many fields of study. Our Medical Care team is our team of advanced medical providers with advanced degrees in medicine. These providers have the unique ability to coalesce the information that is provided to them by the clinical care team and determine from their medical expertise if there are medical diagnoses or interventions that are of a prescriptive nature. Together, both of these teams can provide preventive care and leave the reactionary model behind.
  • Do you take insurance at GenMedx?
    Good question! We do not process insurance through GenMedx for appointments. We will provide you with a super bill to provide to your insurance carrier and invoiced summaries will be provided for each appointment. Labs ordered through GenMedx will be submitted directly to your insurance provider with the exception of Precision Analytics and some other specialty testing companies that do not process insurance. It is strongly suggested that you contact your insurance provider to see what is covered in terms of telehealth, nutrition services and specialty labs.
  • Why do I need to see the Clinical team if the medical doctor is going to direct care?
    This is a good question. Time is important for everyone and it can be frustrating to think you might be wasting time in an unnecessary appointment - worse even - wasting money. Let's start by breaking down what occurs in the initial consultation with the clinical care team and how they are supporting the medical doctor. Here are the expected outcomes from your initial appointment with the clinical care team: -a detailed outline/charting of your personal, surgical and family history. This helps the MD understand your relative risk of disease and also helps the clinical team determine what genetic testing you may need. -your chart will also be updated to reflect all of your current medications, supplements, allergies, and sensitivities to foods, medications or to the environment. This helps the team make sure that we keep you safe and that your sensitivities and allergies are clearly communicated within our team and to other providers. -the clinical team member will analyze all of the previous labs and provide a detailed summary of your labs, cross referencing your history and clinical presentation for the MD to review. This will include a functional medicine analysis with additional details for providers who do not have training in these areas. If genetic data is supplied, this will also be added to the algorithm and support will be given. -The clinical team will provide a full dietary, fitness, mental health and environmental health evaluation and make baseline suggestions after the initial consultation. This information will be provided to the medical team and incorporated into the overall wellness plan. -Finally, the clinical team will outline any important findings that may have medical relevance that need to be reviewed or addressed by the medical expert. This may include items that are found in your labs that are out of scope of the clinical provider, potential diagnoses, potential interventions that may require prescriptions and so forth. Under the direction of the medical team, the clinical team member will order additional labs based on their assessment to help expedite the diagnostic process for the medical doctor. The physician will review these labs and then determine if there are additional metrics, orders, labs that need to be ordered. This process is designed to fast-track your appointment with the physician and harness the unique expertise of each provider. The clinical team comprises experts in functional medicine, longevity, nutritional genomics, and genetics, while the medical care team excels in the practice of medicine. By applying this perspective to your case before meeting with the medical doctor, we aim to expedite the accurate diagnosis process and enhance the likelihood of positive outcomes.

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